Are you a start-up in need of a kick start?

Yourlift is your platform to turn your smart business idea into reality. Don’t let your energy and creativity be stranded by uneccessary beaurocratic hurddles, legal complications, and other administrative nuisances. Youlift is a group of smart professionals who will give your start-up the kick start it needs to get going, with:
Legal Counsel Trust Web Event management Human resources



Deciding about hiring a a bookkeeper is something young start ups struggle all the time. While many manager find basic accounting easy to do, it take them away from working on their business. Meanwhile, their accounting and tax planning will become only more complicated over time. Do the right thing for your business and.

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Web & Digital Marketing


Coming up with a great business idea is only the first step. The next one is to merchandise it the right way. We produce your advertising campaigns and put them in the exact right place on the market. Film, Photography, Design or Social Media – we take care of the right product placement and marketing. The professional team is always coming up with new innovative ideas, is always up to date and has over 25 years of creative experience, what makes them absolute experts.

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Event management

Dermon Management

The success of your start-up will largely depend on how skillfuly you will spread the word about your product or services. Selina Dermon Event Management is defined by results-orientated service and creative approach, and, above all, unique brand experiences.

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Human resources

Eligendo AG

A professional implementation of human resource management covers all staff services concerning the individual, the organization and the systems. ELIGENDO AG develops custom-made solutions pertaining to integrated human resource management: staff recruiting, staff evaluation, personnel compensation and personnel development.

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About us


Yourlift is a collaborative group of Zurich-based proffessionals that specializes in assisting start-ups with their legal, administrative, accounting & bookkeeping, marketing & advetising and event planning needs. We believe in letting you focus on your business goals, and letting us manage the rest! icon-contact Contact Now